• TMC Innovation Companies

  • 7 Hills Pharma LLC is an immuno-oncology company developing drugs drug resistant cancers. 7 Hills is developing cost-effective technologies that modulate the immune system to increase the effectiveness of immune checkpoint blockade, adoptive cell the…
  • We create assistive devices to aid those with upper-limb neuromuscular conditions or injuries in functional activities associated with home, community, and work.
  • Our first device, the StimSite, is an intuitive hand-held device that assists surgeons in quickly and easily identifying ureters during a surgical procedure.
  •   Aprenda
    Aprenda Systems offers cloud-based software that enables healthcare providers to update information, such as changes in office hours or plan coverage. The platform then updates the databases used by hospitals and health insurance companies, which sto…
  •   Artidis
    ARTIDIS is committed to innovation and excellence in order to bring the future of health care to people.
  • The AT&T Foundry is dedicated to creating solutions for the healthcare industry. Working closely with customers, physicians, and hospitals, the Foundry team transforms ideas into prototypes to meet real-world health problems in a collaborative en…
  •   Baird
    Baird Capital makes venture capital, growth equity, and private equity investments in strategically-targeted sectors around the world.
  • BioHouston, Inc. is a non-profit corporation providing activities in making the Houston region a world-class competitor in the life science.
  •   Biolife4d
    With BIOLIFE4D, a patient-specific, fully functioning heart will be created through 3D bioprinting and the patient’s own cells, eliminating the challenges of organ rejection and long donor waiting lists that plague existing organ transplant methods.
  • BioLum Sciences is developing a medical device that provides doctors and patients with an instant readout of airway inflammation for streamlined management of chronic respiratory disease
  •   BiVACOR
    The BiVACOR is a total artificial heart designed to take over the complete function of a patient’s failing heart.
  • BrainCheck is a mobile interactive test for cognitive health. BrainCheck allows users to track their brain health for significant changes and share results with clinicians.