• Energy Companies

  • Acoustic Wells is democratizing the latest in data processing know-how and IoT hardware to help industrial businesses work smarter and cleaner. The company is starting in the oil and gas industry, focusing on reducing lifting costs and methane emissi…
  •   AeroMINE
    AeroMINE sells a motionless wind turbine created for the building environment. AeroMINE 5000 installs like solar panels, but harnesses wind energy. Unlike most wind turbines, AeroMINE 5000 can be installed on rooftops or in urban environments. AeroM…
  • Alchemy develops and delivers chemical products and solutions tailored specifically to increase oil production and enhance producer economics.
  • Alpha PetroVision is a holding company with substantial oil resources and a focus on energy sector.
  • Applied Gaia builds pyrolysis plants to convert waste biomass to value added products.
  • Arb Energy (Arb) is a Houston-based exploration and production company that aggressively pursues off-market deals in order to generate long-term, reliable cash flow for its investors.

    The company has operated and non-operated assets in…
  • Blackhawk Specialty Tools designs, assembles, rents, and sells offshore and onshore cementing equipment and products.
  • A new platform to acquire and develop oil and gas terminaling and transportation assets with an initial focus on the Gulf Coast
  • Cabral Technology (CT), is a technology company servicing the Oil & Gas industry. CT is focused on developing ways of recycling flow back fluids from 'fracking' & 'produced' water from oil wells.
  • Canyon Midstream Partners, LLC (CMP) is an independent midstream company
  •   Carbic
    Carbic provides well, pipe, and facility maintenance and inspection from low-cost sensors. They track all your production and operations from wellhead to refinery so you can stop worrying about data and focus on reducing operational costs and optimiz…
  • Houston-based Champion Energy Services is one of the fastest-growing and largest retail electric providers.