• Digital Health Companies

  •   Altoida
    Altoidas digital biomarkers harness advances in technology to detect brain changes early in the disease process, helping to accelerate early diagnosis for better clinical outcomes and delay of disease onset.

    Using an iPad or a Tablet…
  •   Baird
    Baird Capital makes venture capital, growth equity, and private equity investments in strategically-targeted sectors around the world.
  • BetterConsult is a pre-consultation tool that captures patients' presenting symptoms, medication and other relevant clinical information. It then translates the data into medical notes, ready for review.
  •   BioPROVAR
    BioPROVAR is developing BioTremvar(TM), a biotherapeutical to alleviate ARDS and sepsis, the cause of death in COVID-19 patients.
  • BrainCheck is a mobile interactive test for cognitive health. BrainCheck allows users to track their brain health for significant changes and share results with clinicians.
  • CareSnap connects Patients and Caregivers with our dual-app ride-sharing model technology.
  •   CaseCTRL
    CaseCTRL's patent-pending SaaS surgical management platform simplifies the archaic and complex logistics of perioperative planning by using AI and predictive analytics to automate surgery scheduling workflows, effectively engage patients and tra…
  • CuraConnector.com focuses on matching and connecting care between patients & families, care providers and healthcare companies in a personalized and empowering way to ensure the delivery and receipt of the highest value of professional, personali…
  • DeepScribe brings the joy of care back to medicine by providing clinicians with a reliable, affordable, and secure medical scribe solution that eliminates the need to take notes during patient interactions or dictate notes between patients and after…
  •   DoseMe
    DoseMe is changing the way medicine is dosed. Theyve created the first real-time precision dosing software designed for clinical practice. The DoseMeRx platform gives you the benefits of targeted precision dosing right at your fingertips in a quick,…
  •   eCardio
    eCardio Diagnostics provides remote cardiac monitoring products and services that improve the flexibility and speed of arrhythmia diagnosis.
  • Elly is the world’s first empathetic audio companion for people impacted by cancer.