• Station Houston Companies

  • Abyss Solutions is an autonomous asset assessment and monitoring company, specializing in underwater infrastructure. Abyss Solutions combines the latest innovations in remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) with state of the art data analytics…
  •   Accurants
    With Invoicing, Time and Expense Tracking, Project Management, Accounting, CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and Tax Preparation, you can run your entire business from Accurants.
  •   AeroMINE
    AeroMINE sells a motionless wind turbine created for the building environment. AeroMINE 5000 installs like solar panels, but harnesses wind energy. Unlike most wind turbines, AeroMINE 5000 can be installed on rooftops or in urban environments. AeroM…
  • Biota deploys DNA sequencing and data science to explore the earth’s subsurface. We provide actionable diagnostics to the oil & gas industry for maximizing reservoir economics and reducing environmental impact.
  •   Brevo BI
    Brevo Business Intelligence solution drives performance through understanding your audience. They solve the problem of connecting your business strategy to your business execution.
  • Cabana Box is an online B2C service that enables women to shop based on their personal challenges. Whether a woman has experienced a weight gain, weight loss, is shopping postpartum or struggles with body image due to skin elasticity concerns, their…
  •   Cinevva
    Cinevva is a video game discovery & prediction engine for independent game developers to validate early ideas, interact with industry judges & build a community of future players.
  •   clevtech
    clevtech helps businesses run their operations more efficiently and make the exchange of goods fast, secure and
    convenient for everyone.
  • Connected Always is developing an advanced one-way communication system designed to connect families and prisoners by delivering multimedia messaging. The system allows families to stay connected through difficulties such as incarceration. Connected…
  •   Credexo
    Credexo is a provider of Cloud ERP Solutions with a vertical focus on the needs of Manufacturing, Distribution & Oil & Gas industries. At Credexo they 'Bring your Digital Vision to Life' by enabling capabilities that adds Digital A…
  •   Crityk
    Crityk isn’t just another social food app. It’s a community that celebrates the love of food. 
  •   Darbe
    Darbe is the social networking platform that facilitates philanthropy by providing transparency, gamified experiences, and meaningful interactions between volunteers, donors, and nonprofits. Darbe works by matching volunteers with organizations needi…