OneStep Power Solutions Inc.

OneStep Power Solutions is a technology company founded to mitigate operational risk by providing a way to perform non-destructive power system testing on dynamically positioned vessels. Non-destructive testing with fast and repeatable results provides a quantitative indication of the dynamic positioning power systems overall ability to function correctly in the event of electrical or mechanical failures.

Our company is the only one that can provide comprehensive power assurance on low voltage vessels including OSVs, dive support, and pipelay etc. We invented the GVRT (Generator Voltage Response Tester) for safe and repeatable voltage dip ride through and transient overvoltage testing. The GVRT allows vessel owners and their clients to safely demonstrate fault ride through capability associated with a short circuit. Additionally, the GVRT has been identified as a testing solution for a comprehensive range of voltage-related power system tests; making power system testing faster, safer and more reliable.

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