Northworks Automation

Northworks Automation manufactures and sells high performance 3D printers, and offers specialized 3D printing services specifically aimed at production environments. Northworks printers deploy a proprietary, robust, and high-speed system that provides superior performance compared to existing printers, and at a highly competitive price point. Northworks printers have been designed to be part of a larger, scalable manufacturing process in response to the growing market for production 3D printing. Additionally Northworks provides on-demand printing services and expertise for small-batch manufacturers to scale them seamlessly from prototypes all the way to volume production.

Northworks is a service bureau for device prototyping and small batch production. They work with a wide range of entrepreneurs, inventors, artists, and architects among others. However they are primarily focused on medical device prototypes. They have a technique for combining 3D printing with injection molding for producing batches of parts up to about 500 units for testing and validation. They also have multiple finishing techniques for parts. And they have CNC machining capabilities for producing other device parts in Stainless Steel, Titanium, PEEK, etc.

7524 South Fwy
Houston, TX 77022
United States