New Age Nerds Corporation

NAN is a lifestyle brand for everyones inner nerd . The word NAN stands for New Age Nerd. In past generations the word 'Nerd' use to stand for uncool, weak or unpopular. Today though, Nerd is the new cool. We believe that anyone who hugs a smartphone before bed, prefers Netflix to television, and loves technology and innovative weirdness, embodies what it means to be a New Age Nerd. is our exclusive universe for everything trendy or relevant to Nerd culture. We stock products that we create, the latest innovative wearables from different startups, along with products and wears from popular brands. Our goal is to inspire millennial creativity, curiosity and innovation through the products we sell. Bridging the gap between the whats popular, whats fashionable and whats intelligent. see less

17230 Kiowa River Ln
Houston, TX 77095
United States