It is a web based subscription service that allows physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers to streamline the process of providing a reproducible education experience for their patients that is based on sound medical principles. It mitigates misunderstanding and aids in obtaining Informed Consent for the most common procedures done in a general practice. It was founded by a group of practicing physicians in the Texas Medical Center in Houston, Texas.

Any doctor or healthcare provider can subscribe to the service at The basic subscription plan will allow your patients to gain access to the InformedConsentMD video library. You simply pre-select the appropriate video(s) for your patients medical condition or upcoming procedure. A text message, email, or printed instructions for your patient will provide an internet link to a pre-selected video she can view on any device (smart phone, tablet, computer). The video will focus on her diagnosis, planned treatment, and detailed review of risks associated with the procedure. You can predetermine as to whether you wish your patient to take a brief online quiz to confirm her viewing and comprehension of the material once she has completed the video.

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