Having grown up in our family dry cleaning business, we came to realize how much of a hassle and inconvenience dry cleaning and laundry day was for customers. We also realized that the industry as a whole had a lot of inefficiencies that resulted in high overhead & the inability to scale.

We had the idea to eliminate the need for brick-and-mortar storefronts by automating the drop off & pickup of laundry, which is achieved through our stand-alone Hamper kiosks. We knew we could remove rent and payroll from our overhead, which made up almost 50% of expenses in the traditional storefront model. By partnering with properties such as Hines & Transwestern, we were able to bring the cleaners to customers at their office and not pay for space by selling the kiosk as an amenity-add to buildings. We were also able to leverage the software powering our kiosk to increase logistical efficiency while tapping into the density these Class A office building provide.

Currently, there are 2 ways customers can use Hamper: 1) by using our Hamper kiosk located in their building and 2) by using our home delivery service. While we were building our Hamper kiosk prototype, we initially started as an on-demand" service while we built our kiosk prototype & now have both services running in parallel."

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