FIOS Insight

FIOS Insight looks to take advantage of todays Cloud opportunities to provided accelerated consulting. They provide a SaaS solution to make analysis straightforward and insightful. FIOS Insight's Insight-EA is a SaaS platform that helps companies evaluate and realize the benefits of transformational events, initiatives, and projects. Insight-EA enables customers to create an interactive business strategy mapped to their technology and data landscapes to create a clear and consistent picture of business goals and objectives aligned with supporting technologies, data, people, and process.

Insight-EA uses Business Capability mapping, Value Stream and Process modeling, and Strategy and Information maps to provide multiple views of a business. Insight-EA helps develop and execute strategy based on how important business elements relate to each other in terms of associations, interactions, and dependencies. Insight-EA also provides survey capabilities to quickly crowd-source the information needed for an entire organization.

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