ezNG Solutions LLC

Except in locations where subterranean storage is available, todays industry is typically using natural gas storage technologies that require deeply cryogenic, energy-intensive processing or very high pressures and extremely costly containment ($/unit energy stored) to obtain and hold a product with an energy density suitable for commercial applications. Today, markets seek means to greatly reduce the energy required to process natural gas for storage and transport as LNG, as well as the means to dramatically reduce the cost for storing LNG and even greener liquid fuels, like NH3.
ezNGs technology is conceived to dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of the natural gas industry and has high value storage applications for the natural gas power generation needed to enable effective adoption and integration of highly variable solar and wind power. Even more importantly for the transition to cleaner energy, ezNG provides very low cost storage for green ammonia" that is widely viewed as the most efficient means for storing/transporting renewably generated hydrogen."

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