Belmont Technology

Belmont Technology is a physics based AI engineering company that liberates the access and the consumption of subsurface models to any Exploration and Production Geoscientist and Engineer. They are building a Cognitive System called Sandy to augment human intelligence for Oil & Gas exploration & production activities. They are pioneering a technology that helps technical teams and their management make better decisions in a fraction of the time previously required and ultimately decrease the risk of their investments.

Sandy uses advanced Artificial Intelligence techniques to reveal patterns and relationships within heterogeneous geoscience data sets. Sandys cognitive capabilities dramatically accelerates a projects lifecycle. It understands Natural Language requests, presents the right data in the correct context, and creates previously undiscovered data linkages. Sandy's knowledge representation is driven by powerful, state-of-the-art knowledge graphs linking subsurface data, documents and expert knowledge from multiple sources and enterprise silos.

Belmont Technologies received the 2018 Most Promising OTC Startup Company Award, the 2018 Rice Alliance Most Promising Company, and the SPE ATCE 2018 Startup Competition : Rising Star Award.

13501 Katy Fwy
Houston, TX 77079
United States