AtmoSpark Technologies LLC develops atmospheric water generation systems that provide constant freshwater to those with limited access or in remote locations around the world. Our patent-pending technology produces twice the water at one-third the energy requirements than current methods, dramatically improving access. The ultimate goal of the company is to transform the way we get water in homes, industry, and recreational activities. Our initial market is cruising sailboats (over 35 feet), where we have already gained significant market interest. Cruising boats currently use bottled water or energy inefficient water makers for their journeys. Bottled water requires travelers to stop too frequently during their journeys and water makers are mechanically intensive units which require constant maintenance and cannot operate whenever the boat is docked.

Our first product, Blu Element, is a portable water generation device that delivers high quality drinking water requiring 40% less energy than RO water makers. Blu Element is ten times more space efficient than bottled water and requires minimal upkeep and no installation on the boat allowing the boat owner to cruise longer with a reduced risk of breakdown.

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